Determination of Fatty Acid Composition and Total Trans Fatty Acids in Meat Products

  • Yilmaz, Ismail (Department of Food Engineering, Faculty of Agriculture, Namik Kemal University) ;
  • Gecgel, Umit (Department of Food Engineering, Faculty of Agriculture, Namik Kemal University)
  • Published : 2009.04.30


In this research, fatty acid composition and trans fatty acids of 22 selected meat products produced by Turkish companies were analyzed by capillary gas liquid chromatography (GLC). Total fat contents of the meat products ranged from 11.60-42.50%. Salami had the lowest fat content 11.60% and sucuk (soudjuk) the highest 42.50%. Major fatty acids were C$_{16:0}$, C$_{18:0}$, trans C$_{18:1}$, cis C$_{18:1}$, and C$_{18:2}$ in the samples. Total unsaturated fatty acid contents have changed from 38.73 to 70.71% of total fatty acids, and sausage had the highest percentage among the samples. The majority of samples contain trans fatty acids and the level ranged from 2.28 to 7.95% of the total fatty acids. The highest amount of total trans fatty acids was determined in kavurma (Cavurmas) (7.95%), and total trans fatty acids of meat products such as pastrami contained more than 5% of the total fatty acids.


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