Optimal Design of Thin Type Ultrasonic Motor and Development of Driver

박형 초음파 모터의 최적설계 및 구동 드라이버 개발

  • Published : 2009.05.01


This paper proposed optimal design and microcontroller driver for driving the thin-type ultrasonic motor. To find the optimal size of the stator, motions of the motor were simulated using ATILA by changing length, width and thickness of the ceramics. Two sinusoidal waves which have 90 degree phase difference were needed for driving the thin-type motor. The thin-type ultrasonic motor driver was composed of microcontroller(Atmega128), push-pull inverter, encoder and AD-converter. Microcontroller generates four square waves which have variable frequency and 25[%] duty ratio in $20{\sim}150$[kHz]. The output signals of microcontroller were converted to sine wave and cosine wave by push-pull inverter and were applied to the thin-type ultrasonic motor. The encoder and AD-converter were used for maintaining speed of the thin-type ultrasonic motor. The AD-converter controlled DC voltage of inverter in accordance with output signal of encoder. Using the driver, characteristics of the motor as speed and torque were measured.


Ultrasonic Motor;Elliptical Motion;FEM;ATILA;Microcontroller


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