New Encoder/Decoder with Wavelength/Time 2-D Codes for Optical CDMA Network

광 부호 분할 다중접속 네트워크를 위한 파장/시간 2차원 코드의 새로운 부호기/복호기

  • 황유모 (명지대학교 통신공학과)
  • Published : 2009.05.01


We propose a new encoder/decoders based on an tune able wavelength converter(TWC) and an arrayed waveguide grating(AWG) router for large capacity optical CDMA networks. The proposed encoder/decoder treats codewords of wavelength/time 2-D code simultaneously using the dynamic code allocation property of the TWC and the cyclic property of the AWG router, and multiple subscribers can share the encoder/decoder in networks. Feasibility of the structure of the proposed encoder/decoder for dynamic code allocation is tested through simulations using two wavelength/time 2-D codes, which are the generalized multi-wavelength prime code(GMWPC) and the generalized multi-wavelength Reed-Solomon code(GMWRSC). Test results show that the proposed encoder/decoder can increase the channel efficiency not only by increasing the number of simultaneous users without any multiple-access interference but by using a relatively short length CDMA codes.


Optical CDMA networks;New encoder/decoder;Dynamic code allocation;Wavelength/time 2-D code;Arrayed waveguide grating(AWG) router


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