A Practical Study on Didactical Transposition in the Highschool Trigonometric Function for Closer Use of Manipulative, and for More Real, Principle Based

교수공학 친화적, 실용적, 교수학적 변환의 실제적 연구(10-나 삼각함수 단원을 중심으로)

  • Published : 2009.03.31


This paper is about didactical transposition, which is to transpose academic knowledge into practical knowledge intended to teach. The research questions are addressed as follows. 1. Are the 13 mathematics textbooks of the 10-Na level indisputable regarding with the didactical transposition, in terms that the order of arrangement and the way of explaining the knowledge of trigonometric functions being analyzed and that its logical construction and students' understandings are considered? 2. Can some transpositions for easier use of didactical manipulative, for more practical and for more principle based be proposed? To answer these questions, this research examined previous studies of mathematics education, specifically the organization of the textbook and the trigonometric functions, and also compared orders of arranging and ways of explaining trigonometric functions from the perspective of didactical transposition of 13 versions of the 10-Na level reorganized under the 7th curriculum. The paper investigated what lacks in the present textbook and sought a teaching guideline of trigonometric functions(especially about sector and graph, period, characters of trigonometric function, and sine rule).