Wear of Single Crystal Diamond(SCD) Tools in Ultra Precision Turning of Electro-Nickel Plated Drum

전해니켈도금된 대면적 롤금형 가공시 단결정 다이아몬드공구의 마모에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2009.07.01


Nickel-phosphorus alloys are attractive materials for diamond turning applications such as fabrication of large optics and other high precision parts. It is also well-known that the higher phosphorus content of the alloys minimizes the diamond tool wear. Due to the weakness of electoless nickel plating that the phosphorus contents is limited to 13-14% (wgt), increased attention has been paid at electro-nickel plating which enables the alloys with 15-16% phosphorus. In this study, experiments were carried out to observe the wear characteristic of single crystal diamond tools in micro-grooving of electro-nickel plated drums. The experiments shows that long distance (50km) machining of micro-grooving on electro-nickel plated drum is possible with a single crystal diamond tool without any significant tool wear and defective machined surface.


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