Room Temperature Strength and Crack Healing Morphology of Si3N4 Composite Ceramics with SiO2 Colloidal

SiO2 콜로이달에 의한 Si3N4 복합 세라믹스의 상온굽힘강도 및 균열치유 현상

  • Published : 2009.07.01


Strength characteristics of $Si_3N_4$ composite ceramics has been studied as functions of heat-treatment temperature and additive $SiO_2$. $SiO_2$ colloidal could significantly increase the bending strength. Crack healing temperature decreased 300 K by additive $TiO_2$. Bending strength of specimen added $SiO_2$ is higher than that of non-added $SiO_2$. Moreover, bending strength of specimen with $SiO_2$ colloidal coating is much higher that of non-coated specimen. In in-situ observation, crack-healed specimen at 1,573 K shows phenomenon like a fog on the surface. By SPM, both crack-healed specimen, non-coating and coating of $SiO_2$ colloidal, at 1,273 K were healed completely but both of 1,573 K exist crack. This was made by evaporation of $SiO_2$ at high temperature. Crack-healing materials of $Si_3N_4$ composite ceramics is crystallized $Y_2Si_2O_7$, $Y_2Ti_2O_7$ and $SiO_2$. A large amount of Si and O, and little C were detected by EPMA. Si and O increase but C decreases according to heat treatment temperature. Specimens with additive $SiO_2$ were more detected Si and O than that of non-additive $SiO_2$. Specimen with $SiO_2$ colloidal coatings were much more detected O.


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