Dynamic Dilemma Warning System of WISDOM Based on DSRC

단거리 전용 무선 통신 기반의 WISDOM 동적 딜레마 경고 시스템

  • Published : 2009.04.30


Integrating a field of transportation and IT is becoming a novel solution to social and economic problems which was previously focused on the investment in infrastructures. It also created new areas of industry such as ITS and telematics. Especially, vehicle communication is being considered very important and DSRC is also important in the field of rational ITS in recent. DSRC OBE has come into wide use through ETCS. In the field of traffic signal control, the research to implement an optimal traffic signal control system using a real-time information of good quality is being carried out and also the study of WISDOM was successfully completed. This paper shows the development of Dynamic-Dilemma zone warning service utilizing WISDOM and the evaluation of a reliability and a practicality through the field test. While the proposed Dynamic-Dilemma warning system transmits an information of signal time optimized by WISDOM, the OBE which receives this information makes dilemma zone based on its location and speed and gives warning to a driver.


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