Integrated 3D Skin Color Model for Robust Skin Color Detection of Various Races

강건한 다인종 얼굴 검출을 위한 통합 3D 피부색 모델

  • 박경미 (부경대학교 정보공학과) ;
  • 김영봉 (부경대학교 정보공학과)
  • Published : 2009.05.28


The correct detection of skin color is an important preliminary process in fields of face detection and human motion analysis. It is generally performed by three steps: transforming the pixel color to a non-RGB color space, dropping the illuminance component of skin color, and classifying the pixels by the skin color distribution model. Skin detection depends on by various factors such as color space, presence of the illumination, skin modeling method. In this paper we propose a 3d skin color model that can segment pixels with several ethnic skin color from images with various illumination condition and complicated backgrounds. This proposed skin color model are formed with each components(Y, Cb, Cr) which transform pixel color to YCbCr color space. In order to segment the skin color of several ethnic groups together, we first create the skin color model of each ethnic group, and then merge the skin color model using its skin color probability. Further, proposed model makes several steps of skin color areas that can help to classify proper skin color areas using small training data.


Skin Color Modeling;Skin Color Detection;Skin Pixel Segmentation


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