Increasing Work Efficiency with Prevention of Reinspection for Bone Mineral Density (BMD) Exams

골밀도 검사의 재검사 방지에 따른 업무효율 향상

  • 김호성 (서울아산병원 핵의학과) ;
  • 동경래 (광주보건대학 방사선과)
  • Published : 2009.05.28


Recently hospitals are implementing a One Stop Service as part of patient-care service. With the One Stop Service, medical treatment including consultation, inspection, and results are changing to be made available in one visit. Therefore most examinations are reserved for the same day; however, there are cases in which additional visits are necessary because of certain properties related to exams. This study compares and analyzes the number of reinspections before and after reforms. By designating the order of priority for BMD examinations and implementing education from information obtained in the OCS E-manual update, the number of reinspections for wards was reduced from 58 to 21, Outpatient departments were reduced from 51 to 12, and errors in reservations made by employees in the department of radiology were reduced from 98 to 11. Reinspections can be reduced with full understanding the factors related to reinspection and a background check prior to inspection in order to determine the order of priority for inspections. This will also reduce workers' stress and increase their efficiency and at the same time decease patient dissatisfaction and improve hospital reliability.


BMD;One Stop Service;OCS;E-manual


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