Design and Implementation of a Power-Saving Management System using Intelligent Scheduler based on RFID/USN Technology

RFID/USN 기술 기반의 지능형 스케줄러를 이용한 절전관리 시스템 설계 및 구현

  • 정규석 (유비쿼터스 바이오 정보 기술 연구 센터) ;
  • 최성철 (유비쿼터스 바이오 정보 기술 연구 센터) ;
  • 정우정 (유비쿼터스 바이오 정보 기술 연구 센터) ;
  • 김태호 (유비쿼터스 바이오 정보 기술 연구 센터) ;
  • 김종헌 (유비쿼터스 바이오 정보 기술 연구 센터) ;
  • 서동민 (한국과학기술원) ;
  • 박용훈 (충북대학교) ;
  • 유재수 (충북대학교)
  • Received : 2009.08.13
  • Accepted : 2009.09.09
  • Published : 2009.12.28


Recently, the ubiquitous environment and the practical technology associated with it become more popular topic along with the rapid development of wireless technologies. The necessity of the automated system based on the ubiquitous environment has been increasing when the concept of the ubiquitous is integrated into the fields of existing IT. Also, the necessity of formulating a power-saving plan on large buildings and public institutions is gathering strength because of a raise in exchange rates and high oil prices. In this paper, to efficiently manage the power consumption of the electronic machine such as electric lights, electric heaters, and air conditioners in a building, power-saving manage- ment system using RFID/USN technologies is proposed. Proposed system controls the electric machine and monitor it's condition by RFID and collects the real time information about the surrounding and the power consumption of the electric machine by USN. Especially, proposed system analyzes the real time information and supports the intelligent scheduler with the best power-saving. Finally, this paper shows the difference between proposed system and existing system and establishes thereality of our system through experiments in variety environments.


RFID/USN;Intelligent Scheduler;Wireles Network;Power Saving


Supported by : 충북대학교


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