Surface Relief Hologram Mask Recording Simulation and Optimization Based on SDTA in the Fresnel Diffraction Zone

Fresnel 영역에서의 SDTA 방법을 이용한 전산묘사에 의한 Surface Relief Hologram Mask 기록 조건 최적화

  • 이성진 (삼성전자 생산기술연구소) ;
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  • Published : 2009.08.01


In this paper, the simulation and optimization of SRH (Surface Relief Hologram) masks for printing LCD gate patterns using TIR (Total Internal Reflection) holographic lithography was investigated. A simulation and optimization algorithm based on SDTA (Scalar Diffraction Theory Analysis) method was developed. The accuracy of the algorithm was compared to that of the RCWA (Rigorous Coupled Wave Analysis) method for estimating the Fresnel diffraction pattern of Cr amplitude masks for the given system geometry. In addition, the results from the optimization algorithm were validated experimentally. It was found that one to the most important conditions for the fabrication of SRH masks is to avoid nonlinear shape distortions of the resulting grating. These distortions can be avoided by designing SRH masks with recorded gratings having small aspect ratios of width versus depth. The optimum gap size between the Cr and SRH masks was found using the optimization algorithm. A printed LCD gate pattern with a minimum line width of $1.5{\mu}m$ exposed using the optimized SRH mask was experimentally demonstrated.


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