Prediction of Thoracic Injury of Older Occupant from Belt Loading

벨트 하중에 따른 고령운전자의 흉곽 상해 예측

  • Published : 2009.08.01


Thoracic injury from restraint loading is the principle causative factor of death, which was shown to be particularly significant for older drivers. To characterize thoracic response to belt loading of older drivers, detailed finite element models of the adult and aged thorax were developed. The geometry of the 50th percentile adult male was chosen for the adult FE model. The thoracic FE model was validated against data obtained from results of PMHS pendulum impact tests. The quantified patterns of age-related shape and well-established material changes were applied to the adult model to develop the aged model. Belt force and chest deflection were applied to the developed two types of models. Rib and clavicle fracture risk obviously increased in the aged model. This finding showed that larger rib angle and reduced material properties of the ribcage produced more higher risk of injury in the older driver.


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