A Study on Water Quality and Amount of Flowing at Nonpoint Source of Nairin Stream

내린천수계 비점오염원 오염물질 유출량조사

Huh, In-Ryang;Park, Sung-Bin;Oh, Heung-Seok;Kim, Yeong-Jin

  • Published : 2009.06.30


This study evaluates the water quality of the river near the alpine farmland in the upper Naerin stream, which is a typical stream of the upper Bukhan River with muddy water generation, by the flow examination, it aims to estimate the characteristics of nonpoint sources flowing out from the investigated area and figure out effective methods to reduce them. According to the result of water quality examination, the average BOD of the area not affected by the cultivated land among the areas of the upper Naerin River was 0.47mg/l, and total phosphorous was 0.007mg/l; thus, it maintained the cleanliness level of Ia. The average BOD of the area with the alpine farmland was 0.52mg/l, which was similar to the one of the non-cultivated land. But total phosphorous concentration was 0.023mg/l, which was more than three times higher than the area belonging to level II due to the effect of fertilizer ingredients discharged from the cultivated land. About the loadings of the investigated area generated from each of the pollution sources, BOD was 878.5kg/day and total phosphorous was 79.7kg/day. Moreover, for the load density, BOD was $2.22kg/^2$ and total phosphorous was shown as $0.20kg/^2$. Regarding the rates generated from nonpoint sources like land among the loadings per pollution sources, BOD was 54%, total nitrogen was 91%, and total phosphorous was 73.4%. Therefore, it was shown that most of the nutrients were produced from the nonpoint sources. The level of BOD runoff loading in the Jaun River area, where nonpoint sources were mainly generated, was 37.1kg/day and total phosphorous was 1.33kg/day. The flow rates to the generated amount were estimated as 10.5% and 4.7% each.


naerin stream;water quality of alpine farmland;nonpoint sources


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