Evaluation of Green House Gases by Transportation Using Traffic Census Results from Changwon City

창원시 실제 교통량 자료를 이용한 도로수송부문 온실가스 배출량 평가

Oh, Il-Hwan;Lee, Seung-Hoon;Cheong, Jang-Pyo;Kim, Tae-Hyeung;Seo, Jeoung-Yoon

  • Published : 2009.07.31


In this study, which aims to estimate the volume of greenhouse gas emitted by road transportation vehicles in Changwon City, the emission rate was calculated on the basis of the actual traffic volume measured at major crossroads and compared with the results obtained from the methodology used to estimate the greenhouse gas emissions of road transportation provided in the IPCC 2006 GL guidelines (Tier 1, Tier 3). Analysis of the results of the comparison showed that the Tier 1 methodology, which was applied in the estimation of the rate of greenhouse gas emissions, carries a high probability of underestimation, while the Tier 3 methodology carries a relatively high probability of overestimation. Therefore, when considering the assignment of permissible rates of emission to local governments, the application of the methodology, i.e. whether one uses Tier 1 or Tier 3, may result in a large difference in the rate of allowable emissions. It is suggested that a method based on the actual volume of traffic would be the most reasonable one with regard to the development of a realistic plan.


Actual traffic volume;Road transportation area;Greenhouse gas emissions;Tier 1;Tier 3


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