Effect of Chemical Mechanical Cleaning(CMC) on Particle Removal in Post-Cu CMP Cleaning

구리 CMP 후 연마입자 제거에 화학 기계적 세정의 효과

  • 김영민 (부산대학교 기계공학부) ;
  • 조한철 (부산대학교 대학원 기계공학부) ;
  • 정해도 (부산대학교 대학원 기계공학부)
  • Published : 2009.10.01


Cleaning is required following CMP (chemical mechanical planarization) to remove particles. The minimization of particle residue is required with each successive technology generation, and the cleaning of wafers becomes more complicated. In copper damascene process for interconnection structure, it utilizes 2-step CMP consists of Cu and barrier CMP. Such a 2-steps CMP process leaves a lot of abrasive particles on the wafer surface, cleaning is required to remove abrasive particles. In this study, the chemical mechanical cleaning(CMC) is performed various conditions as a cleaning process. The CMC process combined mechanical cleaning by friction between a wafer and a pad and chemical cleaning by CMC solution consists of tetramethyl ammonium hydroxide (TMAH) / benzotriazole (BTA). This paper studies the removal of abrasive on the Cu wafer and the cleaning efficiency of CMC process.


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