A Feasibility Study on Bayesian Inference of Parameters of Weibull Distributions of Failures for Two Non-identical Components in Series System by using Discrete Time Approximation Method

이산 시간 접근 방법을 사용하는 2 개의 직렬계 비동일 부품 고장의 와이블 분포 모수의 베이시안 추정에 대한 타당성 조사

  • Published : 2009.10.01


This paper investigates the feasibility of the Bayesian discrete time approximation method to estimate the parameters of Weibull distributions of failures for two non-identical components connected in series system. A Bayesian model based on the discrete time approximation method is formulated to infer the Weibull parameters of two non-identical components with the failure data of the virtual tests. The study of this paper comes to a conclusion that the method is feasible only for some special cases under the given constraints on the concerned parameters.


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