Development and Application of the Methodology to Establish Life Extension and Modernization Plan of Aged Hydropower Plants

노후 수력 발전소의 수명연장 및 현대화 계획 수립 방법론 개발 및 적용

  • Published : 2009.10.01


This paper provides how to establish an integrated plan for LE (life extension) and MD (modernization) of aged hydropower plants. The methodology is developed through review of overseas/domestic LE/MD histories, investigation of the previous overseas methodologies and consideration of domestic practices. The methodology includes reviews of the various factors such as condition, operation and maintenance history, up-to-date technology, and economic benefit. In order to establish the life extension/modernization plan, the methodology is applied to the domestic aged hydropower plants. Finally, priority rankings and draft practice plans for LE/MD are derived.


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