Assessment of Offshore Wind Resources Within Japan's EEZ Using QuikSCAT Data



Ohsawa, Teruo;Tanaka, Masahiro;Shimada, Susumu;Tsubouchi, Nobuki;Kozai, Katsutoshi

  • 발행 : 2009.08.31


In this paper, offshore wind resources within the Japan's EEZ (Exclusive Economic Zone) are assessed using wind speed data from the microwave scatterometer SeaWinds onboard QuikSCAT. At first, from the 10m-height wind speed from QuikSCAT, 60 m-height wind speed is estimated by using an empirical equation for height correction. Based on the 60 m-height wind speeds, annual energy Production is calculated under an assumption of installing 2 MW wind turbines every $0.64km^2$. The annual energy production is then accumulated for the entire Japan's territorial waters and EEZ ($4.47{\times}10^6km^2$). As a result, it is shown that the total energy Production is estimated to be $4.86{\times}10^4$ TWh/yr. This offshore wind energy Potential within the EEZ is approximately 50 times higher than the actual annual electricity production in Japan.


Offshore;Wind resource assessment;Japan;EEZ (Exclusive Economic Zone);QuikSCAT


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