Estimation on The Atmospheric Stability and Flow Characteristics of Planetary Boundary Layer in Wolryong Coastal Region

월령 연안지역 대기경계층의 유동특성과 대기 안정성에 대한 고찰

  • Published : 2009.08.31


The physical properties of an atmospheric boundary layer in Wolryong, a west coastal region of Jeju, South Korea, in terms of the atmospheric stability and roughness length, is important and relevant to both engineers and scientists. The study is aiming to understand the atmospheric stability around this region and its effect on the roughness length. We calculate the Monin-Obukhov length(L) against 3 typical regions of the atmospheric condition - unstable regime (-5$-0.2{\leq}H/L{\leq}0.2$) and stable regime (0.2


Roughness length;Atmospheric stability;Wind environment


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