Wind Power Generation: Its Impact on Peak Time and Future Power Mix

퐁력전원이 피크타임과 발전설비구성에 미치는 영향분석: 제3차 신재생에너지 기술개발 및 이용.보급 기본계획 기준

Lee, Jin-Ho;Kim, Su-Duk

  • Published : 2009.08.31


Although renewable power is regarded a way to active response to climate change, the stability of whole power system could be a serious problem in the future due to its uncertainties such as indispatchableness and intermittency. From this perspective, the peak time impact of stochastic wind power generation is estimated using simulation method up to year 2030 based on the 3rd master plan for the promotion of new and renewable energy on peak time. Result shows that the highest probability of wind power impact on peak time power supply could be up to 4.41% in 2030. The impact of wind power generation on overall power mix is also analyzed up to 2030 using SCM model. The impact seems smaller than expectation, however, the estimated investment cost to make up such lack of power generation in terms of LNG power generation facilities is shown to be a significant burden to existing power companies.


SCM(Screening Curve Method);Renewable power;Wind power generation;Intermittency;Power mix


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