LH-Moments of Some Distributions Useful in Hydrology

Murshed, Md. Sharwar;Park, Byung-Jun;Jeong, Bo-Yoon;Park, Jeong-Soo

  • 발행 : 2009.07.31


It is already known from the previous study that flood seems to have heavier tail. Therefore, to make prediction of future extreme label, some agreement of tail behavior of extreme data is highly required. The LH-moments estimation method, the generalized form of L-moments is an useful method of characterizing the upper part of the distribution. LH-moments are based on linear combination of higher order statistics. In this study, we have formulated LH-moments of five distributions useful in hydrology such as, two types of three parameter kappa distributions, beta-${\kappa}$ distribution, beta-p distribution and a generalized Gumbel distribution. Using LH-moments reduces the undue influences that small sample may have on the estimation of large return period events.


Beta-${\kappa}$ distribution;beta-p distribution;generalized Gumbel distribution;L-moment;probability weighted moment;three parameter kappa distribution


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