A Basic Study on the Fatigue Analysis Model for Marine Officers

항해사의 피로도 분석모델에 관한 기초연구

  • Yang, Won-Jae (Division of Maritime Transportation System, Mokpo National Maritime University)
  • 양원재 (목포해양대학교 해상운송시스템학부)
  • Published : 2009.09.30


Safe navigation is closely related to the fatigue of marine officers. Also, the fatigue of duty officer can cause serious marine accidents. In this study, the documentary survey about the marine officers' working environments, fatigue factors and symptoms was conducted. And the questionnaire survey which is related to the fatigue analysis factors such as sleepiness, mental physical workload and alcohol for apprentice officers was carried out, and the results of questionnaire survey were analyzed. Lastly, on the basis of this study, the fatigue analysis model was suggested in order to assess the marine officers' performance in the future.


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