The 3rd National Conference Of Professional engineers - Outline of U-City

제3회 전국기술사대회 특집(3차분) - U-City 개요 - 건축전기설비 -

  • Published : 2009.11.03


There is a proverb in Korea "Don't chase after another." It can be a right proverb in sometimes. However, usually it doesn't fit in these various society, information knowledge society. Modern society requires convergence technology. IBS (Intelligent Building System) requires knowledge of architecture field, electric field, communication field, and computation field. ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) which is constructing in many cities requires various knowledge as engineering works, electricity, computation, communication and transportation. In the case of u-City, it requires technology of many fields as architecture, electricity, communication, engineering works, transportation, and computation. Anyone who wants to participate in u-City should study and acquire knowledge in various field. Otherwise, it must be failed because of lack of communication like as the Tower of Babel. U-City is not a portion of one field. Therefore, engineers in many fields should cooperate with each other to make u-city as the best product in the world.