The 3rd National Conference Of Professional engineers - Urban Public Design & Convergence City for City Competitiveness

제3회 전국기술사대회 특집(3차분) - 도시경쟁력을 위한 도시공간 디자인과 컨버전스 도시 - 도시계획 -

  • 서정렬 (영산대학교 부동산.금융학과, 도시계획학)
  • Published : 2009.11.03


This paper aims to draw out the practical lessons for City Brand as aspect of urban spatial by urban regeneration project in Korea. Image of the City and City Brand is the most important element for the competitiveness of modern cities. This paper discusses the guide line or strategy of City Brand, its current status in Korea. It also examines the present Urban Regeneration in Korea, identifies the problems encountered in implementation, and suggests the solutions for strengthening urban competitiveness such as a City Brand. Also it emphasized that well planned invisible and physical environments, including story and land-mark facilities, are also crucial in making City Brand more attractive and competitive.