A Study for Adaptability of Beach Well Intake System as a Pre-treatment Method of Seawater Desalination Plant

기술사마당_기술자료 - 해수담수화설비의 전처리방안에서 Beach Well Intake 방법의 적용성 검토

  • 이영규 (한라 OMS주식회사 토목사업본부)
  • Published : 2009.11.03


According to increasing demand of water mainly due to the growth of population and increased water consumption, many countries either face or worry about the shortage of fresh water. Proportionately, importance and efforts of each country to develop the potable water has been gradually increasing as well. Among others, desalination of seawater has been developed to one of the solutions mainly from the middle east and other arid regions to produce large quantity of fresh water from seawater. We installed beach seawater collector wells to develop the filtered seawater supply for desalination in a refinery. We came to a conclusion that the beach seawater collector well is one of the recommendable alternatives of seawater pre-treatment for desalination applications with lower operating cost and higher efficiency.