Introduction of Satellite Antenna Tracking System in Field

기술사마당_기술자료 - 위성안테나 추적기술의 소개와 실용

  • 김창용 (마타하리기술사 사무소, 하이게인안테나)
  • Published : 2009.11.03


Antenna Tracking System has been required core technology with special tracking algorithm, and it can be achieved by program tracking, step tracking, optracking, and monopulse tracking as well. Depend on tracking requirement we might be able to apply eligible tracking method in accordance with Geostationary and Inclined Orbit Satellite. Further, we should deeply consider two important factors in order to act up to customer expectation in quality and system performance including competitive price therefore we need maximized endeavor to upgrade not only tracking system performance, but reduction of product through engineering skill and R&D investment.