Analysis of Nonpoint Sources Runoff Characteristic by Road Types

도로 유형별 비점오염원 유출특성 분석

Yoon, Young-Sam;Kwon, Hun-Gak;Yi, Youn-Jung;Yu, Jay-Jung;Lee, Chun-Sik;Lee, Jae-Kwan

  • Received : 2010.08.24
  • Accepted : 2010.10.25
  • Published : 2010.11.30


Growth in population and urbanization has progressively increased the loading of pollutants from nonpoint sources as well as point sources. Especially in case of road regions such as city trunk road, national road and highway are rainfall and pollutants runoff intensive landuses since they are impervious and emit a lot of pollutants from vehicle activity. This research was conducted to investigate the nonpoint sources concentration and quantifying stormwater pollutants which are contained in rainfall runoff water. Three different monitoring sites in Jinju and Changwon city were equipped with an automatic rainfall gauge and flow meter for measuring rainfall and the volume of rainfall runoff. In the case of average EMC value, city trunk road was shown the highest value in target water quality items like as BOD, COD, SS, TN and TP. Or the amount of runoff loads by water quality items showed the highest value in city trunk road. And runoff load in city trunk road was 43.8 times high value compared to highway by value of city trunk road $356.7 mg/m^2$, highway $8.150 mg/m^2$, national road $19.99 mg/m^2$ in the case of BOD.


Nonpoint source;Runoff;Runoff load;Stormwater;Road


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