Design Development Test of Crashworthiness Device for Landing Gear

착륙장치 내추락 장치 설계개발시험

  • Published : 2010.01.01


To improve occupants' safety in an emergency, crashworthy design is necessary to rotorcraft design and development. Especially, landing gear has the important role for crashworthy design because landing gear absorbs relatively large energy for the crash landing. In addition, military specifications require failure of landing gear shall not increase danger to any occupants by penetration of the airframe. To meet the specification requirements, crashworthiness device like failure mechanism should be prepared so that landing gear is collapsed safely and doesn't penetrate the airframe. In this study, design and design development test of the failure mechanism which is necessary for the rotorcraft landing gear was performed. First, collapse scenario was determined for the landing gear not to penetrate the airframe. Then, the failure pin which is the most important part of the failure mechanism was designed with 2 strength range in order to meet design criteria. Finally, design of the failure mechanism was verified successfully by design development test.


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