Experimental Analysis of Fretting Wear Behaviors in Elastic Deformable Contacts

탄성변형 접촉에서 프레팅 마멸거동의 실험적 분석

  • Lee, Young-Ho (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, Innovative LWR Fuel Development) ;
  • Kim, Hyung-Kyu (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, Innovative LWR Fuel Development)
  • 이영호 (한국원자력연구원 선진핵연료기술개발부) ;
  • 김형규 (한국원자력연구원 선진핵연료기술개발부)
  • Published : 2010.01.01


Fretting wear behavior under elastic deformable contacts was experimentally examined by using a simulated dual cooled fuel rod and its supporting structure. As this fuel rod has larger outer diameter than the typical solid rod to accommodate sufficient internal flow, new supporting structure geometries should be designed and their reliabilities (i.e. vibration characteristics, fretting wear resistance, etc.) are also examined with both analytical and experimental methods. In this study, the supporting structure characteristics and fretting wear behaviors are analyzed and examined by using one of the supporting structure candidates which has an embossing shape. The supporting structure characteristics were examined by using a specially designed test rig and their results were compared with that of analytical method. Based on the test results, the relationship between the supporting structure characteristics and their fretting wear behaviors was discussed in detail.


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