Development the Preventive Maintenance Template of the Nuclear Steam Turbine based on EPRI PMBD

EPRI의 예방정비기초자료에 근거한 원전 증기터빈의 예방정비기준 개발

  • 이병학 (한국수력원자력주식회사 원자력 발전기술원) ;
  • 이혁순 (한국수력원자력주식회사 원자력 발전기술원)
  • Published : 2010.09.01


The existing maintenance program is focused on time-based maintenance to inspect and repair components according to maintenance period, rather than condition-based maintenance or predictive maintenance. The preventive maintenance template of the steam turbine has been developed for optimizing maintenance procedure and improving reliability and availability of the steam turbine of nuclear power plants based on EPRI PM template methodology and EPRI technical reports about preventive maintenance.