• Published : 2010.01.31


If f is M-harmonic and integrable with respect to a weighted radial measure $\upsilon_{\alpha}$ over the unit ball $B_n$ of $\mathbb{C}^n$, then $\int_{B_n}(f\circ\psi)d\upsilon_{\alpha}=f(\psi(0))$ for every $\psi{\in}Aut(B_n)$. Equivalently f is fixed by the weighted Berezin transform; $T_{\alpha}f = f$. In this paper, we show that if a function f defined on $B_n$ satisfies $R(f\circ\phi){\in}L^{\infty}(B_n)$ for every $\phi{\in}Aut(B_n)$ and Sf = rf for some |r|=1, where S is any convex combination of the iterations of $T_{\alpha}$'s, then f is M-harmonic.


M-harmonic function;weighted Berezin transform;Gelfand transform


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