A Micro Passive Gas Pressure Regulator using Pressure Balance Mechanism

압력평형메커니즘을 이용한 초소형 수동형 기체 압력조정기

  • Published : 2010.01.01


This paper presents the analysis, the fabrication and the test results of a micro passive gas pressure regulator to keep the outlet pressure costant even for a widely-varying inlet pressure. This device is to regulate the outlet pressure according to the applied reference pressure based on the pressure balancing mechanism of the structure including a membrane and a valve. This regulator consists of four layers; a bulk-micromachined silicon substrate, a sandblasted glass substrate, a PDMS valve seat layer and a glass valve layer. The device size is $10\times13\times1.7 mm3$. The device was fabricated by micromachining. The characteristic of the device was analyzed and tested. The characteristic of the fabricated pressure regulator is similar to that obtained from the analysis. The pressure regulator of this paper is feasible for portable systems and miniature drug delivery systems.


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