A Characteristic Study on the Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell by the Shadow Effect

그림자 효과에 의한 염료감응형 태양전지의 특성연구

  • Published : 2010.01.01


The shadowing effects lead to the serious power losses of the PV module. The shadowing effects are caused by several factors such as leafs, dust, antenna and clouds. The dye-sensitized solar cells are more economical than the conventional silicon solar cell that's why the dye-sensitized solar cells are recently focused on. We carried out research on the efficiency of the dye-sensitized solar cell depending on the level of shadow changing the formula of the circuit. The research on the efficiency of the large dye-sensitized solar cell depending on the level of shadow focused on commercialization was carried out. As the results, it is known that the series and parallel connection method is the best choice for the least losses of PV module assemblies. It is especially known that one more series connection is the best choice for the least losses about shadowing effects and current losses in the series and parallel connection.


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