The Minimization of Generator Output Variations by Impulse Chamber Pressure Control during Turbine Valve Test

터빈 밸브시험 중 충동실 압력제어에 의한 발전기 출력변동 최소화

  • Published : 2010.01.01


This paper describes the actual application of a feedback control loop as a means for minimizing turbine impulse chamber pressure variation during the turbine steam valve tests at a 1,000 MW nuclear power plant. The chamber pressure control loop was implemented in the new digital control system which was installed as a replacement for the old analog type control system. There has been about 40MW of the generator output change during the steam valve tests, especially the high pressure governing valve tests, because the old control system had not the impulse chamber pressure control so the operators had to compensate steam flow drop manually. The process of each valve test consists of a closing process and an reopening process and the operators can make sure that the valves are in their sound conditions by checking the valves movement. The control algorithm described in this paper contributed to keep the change in megawatt only to 6MW during the steam valve tests. Thereby, the disturbance to reactor control was reduced, and the overall plant control system's stability was greatly improved as well.


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