Enhancement of the Speed Response of PMSM Sensorless Control Using A New Adaptive Sliding Mode Observer

새로운 적응 슬라이딩 모드 관측기를 이용한 PMSM 센서리스 속도 응답특성 향상

  • 김홍열 (부산대학교 전자공학과) ;
  • 손주범 (부산대학교 메카트로닉스협동) ;
  • 이장명 (부산대학교 전자전기공학과)
  • Published : 2010.01.01


This paper proposes an adaptive sliding mode observer (SMO), which adds the estimation function of the stator resistance to a new sliding mode observer for the robust sensorless control of permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) with variable parameters. To reduce the chattering problem commonly found in the conventional sliding mode observer where the low-pass filter and additional position compensation of the rotor are used, the sigmoid function is used for the control of a switching function in this research. With the estimation of the stator resistance, the proposed observer can improve the control performance by reducing the estimation error of the motor's speed. Note that the stator resistance is varying with the ambient temperature and becomes an error source for the sensorless control of PMSM. The new sliding mode observer has better efficiency than the conventional adaptive sliding mode observer by reducing the time consuming integral calculations. The stability of the proposed adaptive sliding mode observer is verified by the Lyapunov function in determining the observer gains, and the effectiveness of the observer is demonstrated by simulations and experiments.


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