Design of Fuzzy Prediction System based on Dual Tuning using Enhanced Genetic Algorithms

강화된 유전알고리즘을 이용한 이중 동조 기반 퍼지 예측시스템 설계 및 응용

  • 방영근 (강원대 전기전자공하과) ;
  • 이철희 (강원대 전기전자공학부)
  • Published : 2010.01.01


Many researchers have been considering genetic algorithms to system optimization problems. Especially, real-coded genetic algorithms are very effective techniques because they are simpler in coding procedures than binary-coded genetic algorithms and can reduce extra works that increase the length of chromosome for wide search space. Thus, this paper presents a fuzzy system design technique to improve the performance of the fuzzy system. The proposed system consists of two procedures. The primary tuning procedure coarsely tunes fuzzy sets of the system using the k-means clustering algorithm of which the structure is very simple, and then the secondary tuning procedure finely tunes the fuzzy sets using enhanced real-coded genetic algorithms based on the primary procedure. In addition, this paper constructs multiple fuzzy systems using a data preprocessing procedure which is contrived for reflecting various characteristics of nonlinear data. Finally, the proposed fuzzy system is applied to the field of time series prediction and the effectiveness of the proposed techniques are verified by simulations of typical time series examples.


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