System Design of High-Definition Media Transceiver based on Power Line Communication and Its Performance Analysis

전력선 통신 기반 HD급 미디어 전송 시스템 설계 및 성능 분석

  • Published : 2010.01.01


Due to a development of a modem technology as Power Line Communication(PLC) over 200 Mbps, the high-speed multi-media data trasmission could be currently possible. The strength of the PLC has no more additional wiring work. PLC has also possible to high quality data transmission with currently electrical cable. It has a various strong point campare with existing wire and wireless communication technologies. In This paper we develop a high quality media transmitter-receiver based on merging the HomePlug AV, which is 200 Mbps class PLC technology and HDMI Interface technology. The video function was used for the VEDEO TEST GENERATOR in order to a property valuation. Smart Live 6 software were used for the assessment of audio property. As the result of measurement of the HD class images by capturing from the receiver of the PLC, the quality of images couldn't be confirm any deterioration, which has compared with original reflections. In case of audio part as the result of confirmation of the Phase, Magnitude, it has been confirmed that over 90% of nomal transmition and receiving of acoustic signal. It can be possible to have HD class Media service through the PLC.


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