Clinical Effectiveness of New Portable System for Measuring Spasticity of the Stroke Patients

뇌졸중 환자의 경직측정을 위한 휴대형 장치의 유용성

  • 김거식 (전북대 대학원 전자정보공학부) ;
  • 서정환 (전북대 의학전문대학원 재활의학교실) ;
  • 송철규 (전북대 전기전자컴퓨터공학부, 영상정보신기술)
  • Published : 2010.01.01


Spasticity is a motor disorder characterized by a velocity dependent increase in muscle tone with exaggerated tendon jerks, resulting from hyper-excitability of the stretch reflex. The aim of this study is to develop a portable system for quantifying the grade of spasticity which could calculate the biomechanical as well as neurophysiologic parameters, and for determining the relationship between the Tonic Stretch Reflex Threshold (TSRT) and Modified Ashworth Scale (MAS). Eleven patients with stroke participated in the study (6 males and 5 females, the average age of $64.5\pm16.0$ years). As a results, the mean and standard deviation values of the TSRT were $129.8\pm4.2$, $123.4\pm5.2$ and $119.1\pm2.6$ in the MAS 1, MAS 1+ and MAS 2 groups, respectively. Also, there was a negative correlation between the TSRT and MAS (rho=-0.72, p<0.05). This demonstrated that the TSRT could be made clinically available for the more objective and reliable evaluation of the spasticity, instead of using the conventional clinical scales and an isokinetic dynamometer.


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