Outage Probability Analysis under Time-varying characteristic of Indoor Single User PLC Considering Channel Length and Transmit Power

채널 길이와 전송 전력을 고려한 시변 환경 옥내 단일 사용자 전력선 통신의 outage 확률 분석

  • 신재영 (고려대 정보통신대 컴퓨터.전파통신공학과) ;
  • 정지채 (고려대 정보통신대 컴퓨터.전파통신공학과)
  • Published : 2010.02.01


We investigate the outage probability in terms of QoS (quality of service) in indoor PLC network. We consider various kinds of appliances for realistic indoor PLC network. For estimation of the outage probability, we calculate the time-varying channel responses considering the loading conditions based on regular human activities and include the additive noise. We calculate the outage probability for each terminal and investigate relationship between the outage probability and the channel length, and transmit powers. Our results suggest that the outage probability is increased when the channel length becomes longer because more appliances affect the amount of reduced channel capacity and is not improved distinctly for very high and low outage threshold by increasing the transmit power. However, we can see outage probability improvement for 30% outage threshold case by increasing the transmit power.


Channel capacity;Outage probability;Power line communications;Quality of service


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