A Time Truncated Two-Stage Group Sampling Plan for Weibull Distribution

Aslam, Muhammad;Jun, Chi-Hyuck;Rasool, Mujahid;Ahmad, Munir

  • Published : 2010.01.31


In this paper, a two-stage group sampling plan based on the time truncated life test is proposed for the Weibull distribution. The design parameters such as the number of groups and the acceptance number in each stage are determined by satisfying the producer's and consumer's risks simultaneously when the group size and the test duration are specified. The acceptable reliability level is expressed by the ratio of the true mean life to the specified life. It was demonstrated from the comparison with single-stage group sampling plans that the proposed plan can reduce the average sample number or improve the operating characteristics.


Acceptable reliability level;average sample number;consumer's risk;group sampling plan;life test;producer's risk


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