An Improvement of User Interface for Design Idea Generation System based on WEB2.0

WEB2.0 기반 디자인 아이디어 발상 시스템의 사용자 인터페이스 개선

  • 최은석 (Crrefuture사) ;
  • 정승호 (용인송담대학 디자인학부 산업디자인) ;
  • 김대용 (서울산업대학교 NID융합디자인대학원 교통환경시스템 디자인학과)
  • Published : 2010.01.28


WEB or Internet has given mankind an unprecedented experience in indefinite sharing of online content by original means of digitalized information, but it comes to face an empirical issue of unreasonable informational superfluity as well as a practical issue of collapsed bubble economy in 2001. Instead, a latest networking concept called 'WEB 2.0' or 'Semantic WEB' becomes embodied as a new approach to entities such as end users and content. The concept of WEB 2.0 for creating a platform on the basis of openness and collaboration has made such a technological setting that we can effectively resolve and manage unreasonable data maintenance and interface inherent in Creative Group Thinking System (CGTS), a WEB-based computer-aided idea generation system developed in 2003. Concerning decreased usability and difficulties with data maintenance due to certain issues of CGTS as a part of WEB R&D platform, such as complex display composition and inefficient data processing system, this study seeks to simplify and streamline data structure by means of AJAX and DOM as WEB2.0-based technologies, and integrate interface structure of WEB platform to focus on end users, so that it can improve interface of conventional CGTS for the purpose of realizing end user's participation through improving usability.


WEB2.0;AJAX;DOM;Design Methods


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