The Relationship of Brand Awareness and User Experience in 3D GUI Mobile Phone

3D GUI 모바일폰의 사용자 경험과 브랜드 인지도의 상관관계

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  • Published : 2010.01.28


The touch screen phone launched domestically in Korea, unlike the existing plane UI, it applied a cubic shape of 3D UI which provides three dimensional solid graphic. This study proposes to examine the correlation between the users' experience of 3D GUI, which were made by two different companies, and the brand. From this point of view, this study sets up a hypothesis about intimate correlation between individual differentiated brand and the user experience. Base on that, a model was designed. This study measured the satisfaction of user experience through the disclosure and non-disclosure of brand, focusing on 3D GUI cases which were launched so far, and it demonstrated that there was a clear difference in the degree of satisfaction. Through this examine, a brand was confirmed as one of the important element of user experience in using the 3D GUI that was launched competitively by companies. Therefore, the result of this study suggest that the designers need to establish strategies that make the brand as the core subject of design during the process of manufacturing product and service.


3D GUI;User Experience Design;Brand;Mobile Phone


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