Genre Oriented Characteristics of Virtual Reality Programs

가상 리얼리티 프로그램의 장르적 특성

  • 홍숙영 (한세대학교 미디어영상학부)
  • Published : 2010.01.28


The purpose of this study is at clarifying what the genre oriented characteristics of virtual reality programs are. For this, the tests of 'We Are Married' being broadcasted in 'Sunday, Sunday Night' Part 1 of MBC from episode 1 to 8. As a result of analysis, this program was mixing together virtuality and reality by placing the image of virtual couple's life and presentness of entertainers existing in reality appearing at the studio. Also, it was forming sympathy with users as it satisfies fantasy and sense of reality toward marriage by the entertainer couples showing love and conflict that may happen between real couples after setting various categories of couple types. Also, through the device for the public space to confess private feelings through television, it shows the boundary between public domain and private domain breaking up. Along with this, it has implemented amusement characteristics by inspiring enjoyment of users by a substituted satisfaction through various forms of impressions presented to spouse such as materials, effort, gesture or language, etc. Accordingly, the virtual reality program shows authenticity, fiction and amusement by being mixed together and we can see that such genre oriented characteristics act as important strategy appealing to users based on breakup of boundary and genre oriented ambiguity.


Virtual Reality Program;Genre;Authenticity;Fiction;Amusement


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