Representation of Realism in Documentaries with the Case Analysis on the Application of the Off-Screen Space

다큐멘터리에서의 외화면 활용을 통한 리얼리즘의 구현

  • 이자혜 (동서대학교 영상매스컴학부)
  • Published : 2010.01.28


Since 1960, there has been growing recognition that the moving images reveal the 'realistic illusion(L'illusion r$\acute{e}$aliste)' rather than the reality itself and many theorists and film directors have tried to suggest the methodology to solve the problem of verisimilitude of the moving images. In this paper, we describe through the case analysis of the practical use of 'off-screen space' as a methodology which actualize the reality in documentaries, by minimizing the 'suture' effect which occurs the problem of verisimilitude, based on the theories of Bazin and Burch. We, consequently, believe that the application of the 'off-screen space' could be one of the appropriate possibility for the successful representation of reality in documentaries.


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