Role of the Korea Media Industry in the Nation Economy Analysis

국내 미디어산업의 파급효과 분석

  • Published : 2010.01.28


The media industry is becoming more important around the world and there are changes over this industry. Therefore this is the time that the economic impacts is needed about media industry. This study attempts to examine the economic impacts of the media industry using an inter-industry analysis. Specifically, the study investigates production-inducing effect, value added inducing effect and employ-inducing effect of the media industry based on demand-driven model and the study deals with supply shortage effect and sectoral price effect of the media industry by using supply-driven model and Leontief price model. The results of this analyses are presented; 0.5461 won in production-inducing effect, 0.3143 won in value added inducing effect when 1 won is produced by media industry, 5.0459 persons in employ-inducing effect when 1 billion won is produced, 1 won of supply shortage in this industry results 0.7353 won in supply shortage effect which affect the other industries. Sectoral price effect is 0.2389% due to the 10% increase of price.


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