Some Problems and Their Solutions of Maximum Requirements of Animation Broadcasting

애니메이션 총량제의 문제점 및 개선방안

  • Published : 2010.01.28


This study is to suggest the solutions about the problems of maximum requirements of animation broadcasting. About 10 experts of broadcasting, animation production, animation related professor and researcher and government take part in this study and discuss problems and their solutions of maximum requirements of animation broadcasting from January to march in 2009. This policy introduced 4 years ago had the positive effects such as the increase of animation production and the number of animation production company, but also the negative effects such as continuous decrease of rating in terrestrial broadcasting and transferring to low rating time slot of animation, downward equalization of animation and changing to minimum securement method. This study suggested the solutions as follows; first the enlargement of this policy to cable and satellite broadcasting, second introducing incentive policy in prime time, third the subsidy of media oriented investment. Finally this study stressed that this solutions should not be compulsory order but voluntary system.


Animation;Maximum Requirement;Quarter;Animation Broadcasting


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