Research on Creative Thinking Program in Design Management Education

디자인 매니지먼트 교육에서의 창의적 아이디어 발상을 위한 교육프로그램

  • 오치규 (충남대학교 산업미술학과)
  • Published : 2010.01.28


A new awareness on design in economy and business domain has shifted the focus of design education from the description and presentation to the creativity. This contextual change raises new awareness on the importance of the design management training program. The goal of this research is to suggest a program of design management training program in Korean context. For the purpose, the history of design management activity is briefly reviewed. And then the curriculum between Korean design schools and design management schools abroad is reviewed. The result shows that the design management schools abroad emphasize leadership based on practicality and the program is also ran by School of Business Management. The curriculum consists of leadership program and creativity program. The leadership comprises individual, personal, and collaborative. The leadership takes the role of catalyst in the organization to draw a creativity and raise it. So both leadership and creativity are inseparable. The result of creativity, however, differ from one another based on individual's capacity, procedure, and social context. Thus, it is important to develop a design management program which considers individual, social context, as well as economy and business domain.


Design Management;Creativity;Curriculum;Leadership


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