Comparative Study on Major Nations's Related Legislation for Counter-terrorism

테러대응 관련 법제의 국가별 비교 연구

  • 권정훈 (경동정보대학 경호합기도과)
  • Published : 2010.01.28


As a result of comparing and analyzing the related legislation of each nation, more superior legislative systems should be made to cope with a number of terrors effectively. And also it is required to devise some concrete regulations such as the following in superior legislative systems. First, because it is hard to collect information on terrorism and watch over suspects according to Communication Privacy Protection Law. More in-depth discussion into the issue of surveillance is needed for the protection of lives and property, although public concerns of privacy are a valid point of contention. Second, it is necessary to take complementary measures on immigration as surveillance, since the current Immigration Control Law has restrictions in many ways to hinder efforts to root out terrorists. Third, under the current law on financial activities, it is impossible to block influx of terror financing. Therefore it is necessary to come up with ways of making the punishment procedures. Fourth, considering that convicted terrorists get punished under the standard procedures and precedents, it is required to clearly differentiate between what the terror acts are and what terrorist groups are. Fifth, it is necessary to make use of the private security system to enhance the security system of national facilities.


Counter-Terrorism;Legislation;Comparative Analysis


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