An Empirical Analysis of the Conflict Research Trend in the Field of Public Administration

행정학 분야에서의 갈등 연구경향 분석

  • 변성수 (충북대학교 국가위기관리연구소) ;
  • 배정환 (한서대학교 행정학과)
  • Published : 2010.01.28


The research purpose of this paper is to afford a base data and a research direction for the effective conflict management. For this, this article analyzed the conflict research trend in the field of public administration. According to empirical analysis, the main research results are as follows. First, a published article number go on increasing in proportion to publication year. Second, a one-research paper have showed 71.2% of all papers because of limited researcher in the field of conflict research. Third, research paper which did not receive a research expenses have showed 73.1% of all papers. Fourth, research paper that used a empirical analysis and case study have showed 80.8% of all papers in the methodology of conflict. Fifth, the research purpose that aimed to propose an alternative and practical analysis have showed 91.3% of all papers. Sixth, about the research contents, it have showed each 50.0%(administration/institution and facilities location), 80.8%(interorganization conflict), 76.0%(intergovernment, between government and public), 64.5%(with local government) in a field, a level, a party, a relation of the conflict.


Conflict;Research Trend Analysis;Public Administration


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