Measurement Scale Development of Waterpark Service Quality

워터파크의 서비스품질 척도개발

  • 곽한병 (경기대학교 레저스포츠건강학과) ;
  • 김경식 (호서대학교 사회체육학과) ;
  • 이창수 (경기대학교 레저스포츠건강학과)
  • Published : 2010.01.28


The object of this study was to develop an index of service quality of waterparks and verify the validity and reliability of the index. This study represents the waterparks user population in 2009, and 250 people were extracted by using the purposive sampling method. In other words, five locations have major waterparks were chosen and 50 people per each location were collected. Conference, panel survey, exploratory factor analysis and confirmatory factor analysis were performed to verify the validity of the questionnaire while item analysis, interrater reliability and internal consistency reliability were conducted to probate the reliability. Through these methods and procedures, the results of this study like these; (i) Validity of this index was significantly high and the index include amenity/cleanness, safety, price, programs, facilities, accessibility and promotion. Among them, amenity/cleanness was the major factor for the validity value; (ii) Reliability of this index was also high. There are high correlations between questions and fields and questions and total score. And the Cronbach's $\alpha$ values of the internal consistency reliability was over 0.603 except in the case of promotion which was below 0.6. After all the analysis, the index of service quality proved to be very proper and reliable index. Therefore, the major factors of service quality have to be figured out and reflected to the management innovation to improve service quality of waterparks.


Waterparks;Waterfun;Waterslide;Leisure Pools;Wave Pools;Lazy River;Service Quality;Standard


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